Reinstate the Citi 3 down Chapel Street

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The decision to change the Citi 3 bus route, so that it no longer travels down Chapel Street, has left many people living in the north of Stanground feeling trapped in their own homes.

The previous Citi 3 bus route provided a lifeline to many residents by making it much easier for them to travel into the City Centre or to visit friends and family.


The new Citi 3 route has resulted in many residents not being able to walk to Coneygree Road or Stanground corner to catch the bus because of the extra distance needed to get to the bus stop or they are simply unable to carry their shopping the extra few hundred metres.

On Monday 19th February Cllr James Lillis and Christian Hogg have a meeting with Directors of Stagecoach East about the changes they have made to the Citi 3 and we want to present them with a petition to show them just how unpopular the decision to alter the Citi 3 route is.

Please help Cllr James Lillis, Christian Hogg and the local Lib Dem Focus Team to bring the Citi 3 bus back to Chapel Street by signing the petition below.

I call on Stagecoach to reinstate the previous Citi 3 bus route, back to travelling down Chapel Street and Church Street in Stanground. We believe that the decision to reroute the bus is wrong as it has left many people living in the north of Stanground feeling isolated.

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